Bad Luck Company Co.

We are a small Danish craft brewery that focus on brewing hop-forward beers. We simply love hops! From the tropical fruity notes, to the taste of fresh grass and flowers. That’s why we brew hop-forward beers such as IPAs, Pale Ales and Stouts.

Our brew-system is located inside of another brewery called Stevns Bryghus. So how do that work? well, we are totally independent from Stevns Bryghus, but we do have a close symbiotic relationship. We take care of the brewery and in return we get place to brew.

We brew our beers on a small 200L system and everything is done manually. We like to keeping our production small scale so we can have totally control of every step of the brewing process. After all that’s what makes brewing a craftmanship and a work of art.

Daniel Pilloni - CEO
Thomas Schøn - Head Brewer
Philip Rosenquist - Instagram warrior

Our Beers

Being a small brewery has its advantages and disadvantages. The big guys in this business can buy there hops trough hop-contracts which secure them large amounts of the most popular hop varieties like: Amarillo, Simcoe, Citra ect..

We are small so we don't have the economy to do any hop-contracts. We simple have to look at what’s available on the marked and take it from there. However the big advantage of being small is the freedom to be creative. We have the freedom to try out new hop varieties that the big breweries don’t have guts to experiment with. We don’t have to use the same hops over and over again. This is one of many reasons why we only have two beers in our core range. Keeping our core range small allows us to truly concentrate on being innovate and creative with that we have available.

Core Range

The creative lineup

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Phone: 0045 30 72 20 86

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Nordea Denmark
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Control report from Fødevarestyrelsen (FVST)

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